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Why I created an organic night cream

My name is Dana.  I am a hairdresser and esthetician.  I have been in the business for 40 years this June.  I created this organic, all natural night cream for myself originally.  I had no plans to manufacture and sell this product.  I was just fed up with buying a night cream and waking up in the morning after using it, with dry, tight skin.  Many times with more dry patches then before.  I spent alot of money on different night creams and didn't like any of them.  Even the very expensive ones.  I was so frustrated that I decided to make my own all natural moisturizing cream.  

On a weekend trip with my sisters, they asked me if they could try my night cream, and the rest is history.  When friends asked me to try it, it snowballed into me making it in my kitchen and then when the demand became bigger, I had it manufactured and it is now available to everyone with a very reasonable price.  In my next blogs, I will be going into all the ingredients, and explaining why I picked what I did.  I am also working on a day cream, and a cleanser, so stay tuned!!

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