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Coconut Oil

Hello again!!!  This week I am going to talk about the ingredient, coconut oil, infused into my organic moisturizer.  Wrinkles are cause by several factors, including the natural aging process, sun exposure, smoking and pollution, and sometimes family history.  Our skin becomes less elastic and drier with less fat and collagen in the deeper layers of the skin. 

To try and create the best natural night cream for aging skin, I used coconut oil.  Coconut oil increases the natural production of collagen, which helps to tighten and firm, and moisturize.  Collagen reduces dark spots, and helps to fix uneven skin tones.  Soothes facial redness, and helps to repair the skin's barrier protection which works to prevent wrinkles.  Please join me next week as we explore another ingredient, and what it does.  Have a great week!!!



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